Sunday, September 16, 2012

ZBrush - Brush Size and Wacom Touch Strip

Another trick today. Something that I really believe could save a lot of time and optimize your workflow when you are working with ZBrush.

The brush size is by default set on one hotkey: S. This opens a slider that you can move from left to right to set your brush size. Another way to do it is to press the space bar in order to open the mini interface that allows to manage a couple of settings, brush size included. Handy but not perfect in my humble opinion.

Default Brush Size Hotkey: S

Maybe it is because I am really used to change quickly the size of my brushes in Painter and Photoshop with the touch strip of my Wacom I just need to have the same gestures when I m working on other softwares.

To do this it is very simple. First install this Brush-Up-Down.zsc file in your ZStartup>ZPlugs folder (I found this plug a couple of weeks ago in a ZBrush forum, can't remember where exactly). Basically this little plugin allows to increase and decrease your brush size by 2.
Then when you will open Zbrush you will find it in the Zplugin>Misc Utilities menu. Just set a hotkey for the decrease size button and the increase size button. To do this you will have to Cmd+Alt (Ctrl+Alt on PC) click the button and then assign any shortcut (I used , and ; because I have an french Azerty keyboard on my Mac)

Then go to your Wacom Tablet Preferences and assign your new hotkeys to the touch strip.

Enjoy, and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment here. :)