Friday, July 5, 2013

Video Game: Run Sheldon

This is the last video game I was working on. Basically Art Direction. Hope that you will enjoy this game that you can play for free.
You can download it here for iPhone and iPad:

Stretch your legs because you are going on the run of lifetime! You are Sheldon, winner of the famous ‘Tortoise and the Hare’ race. Unfortunately for you, the members of the Hare gang are not very good losers. Old Man Hare wants your golden trophy and will stop at nothing to get it. If you want to survive, you’ll have to run for it!

Once you’ve begun your escape, tap the screen anywhere to jump in the air. Tap and hold to jump higher. To stay alive, you must avoid an endless stream of pesky Hares by leaping over them or smashing them with an expertly timed jump. Every Hare you land on builds up a protective shell. Crush five Hares and you get a backup shell.

Along your journey, you’ll find powerful items like Bouncing Bubble, Super Wings, Mega Boost, and Glide Power. They’re exactly what you need to get the upperhand on the Hare gang. Collect coins along the way to upgrade your power-ups, buy cool clothing or get a second chance at your run.

Spoiler Alert! It won’t be easy. The further you run, the harder the bad guys get. But if you got what it takes, you’ll soon be racking up distance records, unlocking achievements and blowing past your friends on the leaderboard. Also, did we mention there are awesome special items like Get Ahead and the Coin Magnet? Use these items to level up faster and rack up your score.

But enough with the chit chat, already. We’ve got to get out of here. Don’t just stand there! Run Sheldon!

The video trailer:

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And this is the entire family of hares you will have to fight against! ^^