Saturday, October 19, 2013

Quick Tutorial - Photoshop Save and Increment

One of the missing features in Photoshop but available in other Adobe products is the very useful Save and Increment. This means saving a file and automatically assigning a different name, as an example 'namefile-v6.jpg'. This doesn't exist in photoshop and you have to manually write it.

I personally use Hazel to do this for me. Hazel is a very useful utility that automate some tasks on your OS (for example deleting files from your download folder after a couple of days or moving files to another folder depending on their name or size, etc...)

As I have to show many iterations of my concept artworks to my clients I have this Hazel Rule that helps me creating files without even thinking about it. I just save my file and Hazel automatically rename and increment it.

This is how the rule is set:

This means that every time I save a file containing the word 'iteration' and with the extension '.jpg' into a specific folder the OS will automatically add an incremented file name.

Pretty simple and VERY useful! :)